This article really highlights what stigmatization means and if I may add, highlights the possibility of a new kind of stigmatization that is on the horizon i.e. social-distancing-rule-breaking. BE KIND!

Rolling around lately in my mind has been strange juxtapositionings of ethical dynamics. This started because I began to ponder statistics of human deaths. And then pondering the emotional response to the coronavirus thing, an interesting situation presents itself. Let me see if I can spell it out in a simple way without getting too […]

via The Nature of Evil: Humans, Coronavirus and Addiction — The Philosophical Hack

Sushi Just Got Even Better: Gel Made from Seaweed Improves the Shelf-Life of Stem Cells

Originally posted on The Stem Cellar:
The beauty of pharmaceutical drugs is their stability. Those ibuprofen pills in your medical cabinet can sit there for weeks, months, even years but still dull a sudden headache. Unlike ibuprofen pills, you can’t store stem cells in your medicine cabinet (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Stem cell-based therapies don’t have that…

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